Current ZONENKINDER Exhibition in Hamburg

Danke für den schönen Abend! Großartige location, tolle Vernissagebesucherinnen und –besucher, besonderen Dank geht an die unglaublichspacigundergroundige Spontanperformance von „Fuck for Forest“, an DJ Pirho, der mit seinen herrlich basslastigen Reggaedubbeats die Vernissage musikalisch begleitet hat, an Fabs+Flo, wohl derzeit Hamburgs coolstes Bürro- und Barteam und natürlich an unseren allzeit entspanntpositiven Kurator Rudolf D. Klöckner.

Die aktuelle Ausstellung geht noch bis zum 26. April! SPREAD THE WORD!
@ Das Bürro, Ölmühle 33 | 20357 Hamburg
Öffnungszeiten und Besichtigung je nach Vereinbarung – Anfragen bitte per E-Mail an oder an Rudolf D. Klöckner unter:

Last but not least noch mal für Euch der Link zum aktuellen Interview.

Fotos: Das Bürro

Zonenkinder Exhibition in Hamburg

Happy to announce our upcoming exhibition curated by Rudolf D. Klöckner (UrbanShit) on the 04th April 2014 in Hamburg in Das Bürro. See you there!
More information here

Zonenkinder´s „peace birds“ flying and spreading positive vibes – today for UKRAINE

The Tree Project outside: „Nottingham“, 2014

Zonenkinder´s BoogieTree

@Gängeviertel, Hamburg 2014

The Tree Project

Are those guys looking at me or are this tree trunks bemused by the clouds in the sky?

Zonenkinder + Miak…

…in Stuttgart. Thanks to Akmiak for the Photo.

„The truth, the first truth, probably, is that we are all connected, watching one another. Even the trees.“ (Arthur Miller)

„The Tree Project“ is an ongoing art project inspired by the beauty and the decay of nature. Here is a detail of a recent work near Hamburg:

More on:

„VINCENT CUNILLERE Duos d‘ateliers“ feat. Zonenkinder at Musée Paul Valéry, Sète

We are happy to be part of the exhibition „VINCENT CUNILLERE Duos d‘ateliers“ at Musée Paul Valéry, Sète (Fance). It will run from 29th of November 2013– 26th of January 2014. Check it out!

Troublesome Houses – Art Exhibition

The Zonenkinder object for this exhibition is called Will „Old“ Tramp, inspired by the music of Will Oldham. Here you get some impressions of the work in progress while listening to Will´s great music. With the atmosphere that flowed through his music we created an object: a portrait of an old imagined tramp. Enjoy!

Materials we used: acrylics, wood (Objet trouvé), fur, mixed media. Year of prod. 2013.

Zonenkinder @ Troublesome Houses – An Art Exhibition Inspired By The Music Of Will Oldham

Curated by Kevin Titzer

Participating Artists: Chris Mars, Brendan Danielson, Macsorro, Aaron Tanner, P Jay Fidler, Jon Langford, Shaunna Peterson, Turf One, Craig LaRotonda, Lee Petty, Doug Miller, Kathleen Lolley, Anne Peabody, Dolan Geiman, Jeremy Pruitt, Meredith Dittmar, Mark Hosford, Ransom & Mitchell, Bill Miller, Kevin Titzer, Monica Canilao, Chris Scarborough, Bryan Patrick Todd, Zonenkinder Collective, Doubleparlor

Gogolfest, Zonenkinder in Kiew 09-2013

Invited by the German Embassy and the French Embassy we participated in the great Gogolfest, Kiew (Ukraine) to celebrate the 50-years friendship-anniversary between France and Germany.

Here is a reportage of Ukrainian TV on this event

Zonenkinder @ Fundbureau, Hamburg

photos: Pilot Pirx – thanx. And special thanks to „PIP“.
NEWS: the installation was stolen some days after the opening – „rückt unsere Installation wieder raus, ihr egoistischen Diebe, dieses Werk ist für alle da!“

Quik, M.Chat + Zonenkinder, Paris 2013 NEW video

During our recent stay in Paris we had a nize painting-session together with M.Chat, Quik (NYC), Mosco, Sydney – here is a first snap. Special thanks to Popof + Alex for the invitation.

NOW a NEW VIDEO of E5DY – Bigups!

Zonenkinder @ Gängeviertel, Hamburg 2013

glad to find this spot

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