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Kidnapped Artworks

Nachtrag zu NYC „Not all that glitters is gold“

Zonenkinder Artworks sind in New York City gekidnapped worden! Fortsetzung folgt.

ECAPS SETARIP vs. redniknenoz

The collabo-tour starts right now and here! big-ups 2 Space Pirates. Hamburg summertime – and the living is easy. Far away from troubles and worries.

the tour starts right here...

@ URBAN AFFAIRS extended inna Berlin, July 2009

…hier ein paar Details der sehr unterhaltsamirritierenden Live Session zur Eröffnung featuring Quasar @ URBAN AFFAIRS extended inna Berlin, July 2009

…..insgesamt ist die Ausstellung auf alle Fälle sehenswert!

APPENDIX NYC-Collaboration with Cernone and some impressions

Appendix to our Trip to NYC in June: during the opening of our „Bambule“Exhibition at MCCaig Welles Gallery buddy cern came across – after we we hadn´t seen him for 5 or 6 years (at that time we had met him at the legendary Wiesbadener Meetingof Styles, Schlachthof). He just drove by and saw our style inside of the gallery) :-) This is a detail of what we created quickly together in the last few hours before we had to return to germoney:

Some more impressions of New York City – don´t miss the amazing view over NYC, it´s a kind of magic!

Zonenkinder Collective feat. Quasar inna Berlin, URBAN AFFAIRS extended, July 2009

Yeah, just back from the capial…here is the first flick of our contribution @ URBAN AFFAIRS extended inna Berlin, July 2009. We collaborated in this project with our man Quasar. kinda like a (interactive) wallpainting / soundinstallation with live music and sound experiments right at above the entrance. If you are in Berlin this summer – go check it out…