Archiv für März 2012

Zonenkinder´s tribute mural to the „Recht auf Stadt“ movement

Das „Recht auf Stadt“-Konzept geht auf den französischen Stadtsoziologen Henri Lefèbvre zurück, der den Begriff in seinem Buch „Le droit à la ville“ (1968) entwickelte => The idea: a right to the city. Further informations here

The Tree Project

another one..

Zonenkinder win at Artaq Awards 2012

We are pleased to announce that we got awarded by the Artaq Jury for their 3rd Urban Arts Award.

Find out more about Artaq here

Zonenkinder featured in „100 artistes du Street Art“

We are happy to announce one of our latest book features: „100 artistes du Street Art“. The book includes georgeous Artists like Delta, Futura, Nunca, M.Chat, Jonone, Samo, Os Gemeos, JR, Banksy and many more. Find out more about this awesome publication here.

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