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Zonenkinder on TV

yesterday we had a video shooting for german tv – one character of our freaks-of-nature-series had to give an interview…

Zonenkinder at Europe Day 2014 in Lviv, Ukraine

We have participated in a great painting festival at a tramstation in the centre of Lviv, Ukraine. A few words about the idea behind our wallpainting: the tree motif and the birds are always part of our artistic work and you can discover our beloved „Park Fiction“ of Hamburg. It was first time we used colorful blue and yellow mirror mosaic-tiles in our wallpainting that sparkle in the light.

Zonenkinder on Euromaxx (DW)

Check out the english version of our artist-feature on Euromaxx (Deutsche Welle):

„The Forest Art of Carolin and Philipp Goldstein (ZONENKINDER)-
German artists Carolin and Philipp Goldstein have developed a new concept using nature itself as a canvas. They paint dead branches and tree stumps in the woods mixing UrbanArt, painting and sculpture. They use biologically harmless paints to put a human face on dead wood.“

If you are interested click on this link, check at 22:24 min.